Piktocharting an Avinash Kaushik Blog Entry!!!

This week for my EID100 course i had to go through Avinash Kaushik‘s blog, a very well known blog, whom post many useful and interesting blogs about today’s digital world and marketing. I decided to chose “Excellent Analytics Tip #20: Measuring Digital “Brand Strength”, which is one his very interesting blog entries. 

This one entry is a short and quick one about how to strengthen your brands marketing by taking a few simple steps. As the blog post itself was very simply put I decided to have the same theme for my piktochart chart.

Now I’d share a bit with you about my experience with Piktochart. Like many website that i got yo use throughout this course, this one was an easy tool to create something very useful in the digital world. I felt like i was using a simpler version of a graphic program such as illustrator pr Photoshop. I really enjoyed playing around with it for a little while. 

As I was saying i wanted a very simple theme for my chart , therefore I went with minimalist one. it was very easy to transform the information in a blog to a chart and i quiet enjoyed it. though I didn’t take too long to experiment with PiKtochart I did manage to create a simple one.

I do recommend Piktochart for sure, and everyone interested technology, marketing or anything that has to do with progressing in the world today should definitely visit Avinash Kaushik‘s blog.

My Piktochart page is available for anyone to see what I have done so far.

I had a bit of an issue embedding the link, but hopefully it is working for everyone.


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